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Vintage Fashion Valuations

Our expert Sian Brown brings a wealth of experience to the realm of Vintage Fashion Valuations. With a track record spanning years, she's encountered a wide spectrum of clothing styles and types, all entrusted to the auction process. What sets her apart is her hands-on approach – she's not just confined to the auction house. In cases where extensive collections need to find new homes, Sian often steps in to assist vendors and beneficiaries directly on-site.

Exploring wardrobes and cupboards is more than just a task for her – it's a passion. Amongst the fabrics and layers of history, Sian has unearthed treasures ranging from clothing pieces to fashion-related gems like vintage magazines, designer jewellery, and exquisite handbags.

But Sian's expertise doesn't stop at clothing alone. If you've found yourself with a cache of vintage clothing or accessories that have lost their place in your life's ensemble, or if stacks of Vogue magazines have become part of your decor, it might be the perfect time to consider a valuation. These items, often carrying stories of their own, can find new purpose and value through the eyes of an experienced appraiser.

So, whether you have a closet full of fashion gems or a collection of timeless accessories, Sian Brown's knack for valuation is at your service. It's a chance to not only discover the potential value of these pieces but also to give them a chance to shine once more, in the hands of those who truly appreciate the beauty of vintage fashion. Arrange a valuation, and let your vintage items find new life and appreciation.

Vintage accessories valuation

If you have a wardrobe of vintage clothing or vintage accessories that are no longer used, or a pile of Vogue magazines lying around, then why not arrange a valuation? 


Free Valuations

To receive a free pre-auction valuation, please email images to

Or, book an appointment for one of our valuation days held every Thursday and Friday between 9.00am and 5.00pm, or on Saturday mornings between 9.00am and 12.00 noon.

Or, to arrange a free home visit, please call us on 01628 531 500.

For any other questions about our weekly Vintage Fashion, Handbags & Accessories auctions, please call 01628 531 500.