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Downsizing & House Clearance Valuations

House Clearing/Downsizing

The reasons for house clearance or downsizing are many and varied. This is often an emotional and upsetting time, so we offer a sensitive and stress-free service from our initial house clearance valuation to the final sale of contents.

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Experienced House Clearance valuer

Get in touch with our friendly team to arrange a free no-obligation home visit by one of our experienced valuers on 01628 531 500, or email us at

House Clearing Valuations

A valuer will meet you at the home in question and assess the contents. We will discuss individual requirements as well as liaising with probate solicitors, estate agents, and executors (where appropriate).

Our independent couriers will then arrange a date and time that suits you for the clearance to take place. We are never shocked at the size of the task or the condition of a property. And, we are happy to just advise you on the best way forward, using the experience we have gained over many years.

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Downsizing Donations

We know that there are sometimes items which are not commercially suitable for auction. Therefore, we can arrange for these to be donated to one of the local charities we support or to be taken to a local recycling centre. Any other items that you or other family members wish to keep, can be delivered to your homes across the country.

Downsizing Sale Process

Throughout the clearance/downsizing sale process, we will keep you informed by email and/or phone regarding the allocation of sales, estimates, and lot numbers. Our aim is to maximise the price you receive for your items, and this will influence which auction your item is allocated to; for example, a specialist sale, antique, or weekly general sale.

House Clearance & Downsizing Costs

All our sales can be viewed live during the sale on two global online platforms.

Settlement is made after each sale with a full breakdown of results, minus costs.

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Free Downsizing Valuations

To receive a free pre-auction valuation, please email images to

Or, book an appointment for one of our valuation days held every Thursday and Friday between 9.00am and 5.00pm, or on Saturday mornings between 9.00am and 12.00 noon.

Or, to arrange a free home visit, please call us on 01628 531 500.

For any other questions, please call 01628 531 500.