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Toys, Teddies & Dolls


Toys, Teddies and Dolls auction including rare and historically important toys as well as Action Man and Sindy dolls and games consoles.

Toys, Teddies and Dolls Auction

The market for toys, teddies and dolls has changed, not only due to the rarity and historical importance of the items but thanks to the increase in nostalgia around games and toys. The field for collecting toys has widened too with Action Man dolls and Sindy dolls, as well as electronic game consoles, rising in price considerably over the past few years.

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Our Toys, Teddies & Dolls Specialists

Our valuers Chris Smith and Caroline Chilton pool their knowledge to head up our Toy, Teddies & Dolls auctions. Chris has collected a wide range of toys over the years, from diecast and German clockwork vehicles to Japanese battery-operated robots. While Caroline is an avid collector of teddies and has gained a wealth of knowledge in identifying and ageing teddies from all over the world.

Free Valuations

To get a free pre-auction valuation, email images to Or attend a walk-in valuation day every Thursday and Friday between 9am and 5pm or Saturday mornings between 9am and 12 noon. Or to arrange a free home visit call us on 01628 531 500. For any other questions about our Toys, Teddies & Dolls auctions please call 01628 531 500.