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Appointments Only

Valuations and Deliveries This service is temporarily unavailable during lockdown

We are working on a booking system to limit the amount of people in the building at any one time.

Please click the link below to book an appointment for valuations and deliveries.

If you having any problems please call us on 01628 531 500 


Buying and selling at auction should not be a complex task and here at Bourne End we endeavour to make it an enjoyable experience for all. If you are new to our Auction Rooms, we hope you will find the notes below helpful. All transactions are subject to our Terms and Conditions and these are printed at the bottom of the page.

We hold a general sale every week except for the first Wednesday in the month when we hold an antique and collectors sale. Everyone is welcome to come along to our viewing and sale days.

All our auctions start at 10.30am each Wednesday. See our auction calendar.



Vendors’ goods held at the Auction Room are insured at 1.5% of the hammer price. This payment will be deducted from the sale proceeds along with lotting fee(s) and seller’s commission.

A sellers’ commission of 13% is payable on the hammer price.

There is a lotting fee of £6.50 for each lot entered into auction, each time a lot is entered for sale, and is applied whether the lot sells or not.

We do not currently charge a photographic or web site illustration fee.

A withdrawal fee of 5% of the reserve price, (or the lower value of an auction estimate), will be applied to a lot which has been catalogued for sale and later withdrawn by the vendor prior to sale.

The Auction Rooms reserves the right to make a charge of £5 for an electrical item entered for sale that requires testing for safety by a qualified PAT tester.

All our charges are subject to VAT.



We hold weekly valuation days at the Auction Rooms, by appointment only, every Thursdays / Fridays 9am – 5pm, and Saturday mornings from 9am – 12 noon where we can value your items and/or take goods in for sale.

We can also give preliminary valuations via email, phone, and for larger items, collections and house clearances, a home visit by a valuer can be arranged. Please call our office on 01628 531500 or send us an email at .

Valuations for auction sale are free of charge.



Goods can be delivered in person to the Auction Rooms on our weekly valuation days. For larger items, part or entire house clearances, transport can be arranged via a local, independent transport company who charge £47 + VAT for local deliveries. Please contact our office for further information.

An entry form must be completed for all goods to be entered into a sale. Your attention is drawn to the Conditions of Sale on the back page of the seller’s copy.

All items are stored free of charge before being entered into the appropriate sale. Selected items maybe kept aside for our monthly antique and collectors sale or a specialist sale. All other items will be placed into the next available general sale after arrival at the auction house.



The catalogue for our antiques and collectors sales and our specialist sales are published on our web site the weekend before the sales date, and the sale results are listed a couple of days after the sale has taken place.

A reserve price can be placed on a lot, usually at the low end or below that of the auction estimate. If your goods are being delivered by a third party or courier, and you wish to be advised on the estimated values of the auction lots in order to place a reserve price, please tick the ‘ADVISE BOX’ on the top right hand corner of the entry form.

The auctioneer will always use their discretion in order to achieve the items full value at auction unless otherwise agreed.

For further information about attending our sales see our buyer’s page.



Payment to vendors is usually made after two working weeks of the sale date, once cleared funds from the purchaser has been received. A statement will be sent with the payment detailing the hammer price(s), and all commissions and fees deducted.

We will contact you, usually by phone, following the sale in regard to any unsold lots. Any unsold lots to be re-entered into a future sale will be subject to a further lotting fee(s), and any reserve will be reduced by a minimum 25%.

We ask you to collect any unsold lots not being re-entered for sale by the end of Saturday morning following the sale date they were entered in.

Any unsold lots remaining uncollected by this date maybe subject to a storage fee of £3 per day after this date. See our Terms and Conditions.