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A selection of 19th century and early 20th ladies cotton and lace clothing to include undergarments, a Victorian cream crochet blouse, an early 20th century full length summer dress with machine made lace cuffs, collar and waistband, together with a machine made button stitch mesh wedding veil with applique images of butterflies and flora, a 19th century cream sheer wedding shawl with possibly Venetian lace trim and a Victorian evening shawl having a machine made button stitch background adorned with black beads and sequins with bead tassel ends

Condition report: Victorian cream crochet blouse: attention required at hook and eye waistband fastening area, several small brown stains to both sleeve cuffs and chest area
Long pantaloons: later alterations to groin area, yellow stain to the waistband
Short pantaloons: Yellow stain to the waistband
Blouse with pink ribbon: good condition
Underskirt: later alterations to waistband
Summer dress: stains to hook and eye areas, hook and eyes missing. Seamstress work required around neckline. Stain to the bottom front area, small dotted stains to the back
Mesh wedding veil: small holes in areas
Sheer wedding shawl: the hem's stitched are loose, no holes
Black bead shawl: no apparent damage, a few beads missing
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