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Antiques & Collectors Sale May 4th 2011

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Lot 9.A Royal Doulton pottery advertising King George IV Whisky advertising jug commemorating the memory of King George IV, 60-100
Lot 11.Two 19th century Sunderland lustre wall plaques, one depicting a west view of the Cast Iron Bridge over the River Wear A/F, the other with a religious motto and a depiction of the All Seeing Eye within a floral garland, 60-100

Lot 12.A 19th century Ironstone meat platter decorated in Imari colours with a central water lily surrounded by other floral designs, along with five matching dinner plates, 80-120
Lot 12

Lot 19.A Royal Worcester signed coffee pot decorated with hand painted fruit, signed H H Price, circa 1929, 200-300
Lot 21.A pair of 19th century Capodimonte Naples wall plates depicting a 3/4 length profile of Louis Augustic Dauphen de France and Marie Augusti of Austria Dauphine de France, in relief, 400-600

Lot 24.Martell/Seagram Grand National memorabilia comprising 17 limited edition Seaton Pottery water jugs dated from 1989-2000, a 2001 glass decanter celebrating 10 years of Martell sponsorship and three horse and jockey brandy glasses commemorating the 1,2 and 3 finishers in the 2002 Grand National, 150-250

Lot 26.A Beswick pottery model of a Friesian cow and calf mounted on an oval wooden base, oval mark to underneath, 70-100
Lot 42.Grafton china crested model of St Pauls Cathedral with the Lowestoft crest, 40-50

Lot 43.Botolph JW & Co model of the Cenotaph decorated with the City of London crest, 40-50
Lot 44.Arcadian crested china model of a tank with the Grantham crest, 40-50

Lot 45.Goss china model of Morris Meg canon at Edinburgh Castle decorated with the City of Edinburgh coat of arms, and the retailers stamp, 80-100
Lot 53.Victorian Minton Parian ware figurine The Greek Slave Girl, 14 1/2" high, along with another Victorian Parian ware figurine of a nude woman, 13 1/2" high, 200-300

Lot 57.Pearl Arms china model of an aeroplane decorated with the Bridgewater crest, 70-80
Lot 58.Goss model of a vase decorated with the Flags of the Allies, 40-50

Lot 59.Arcadian crested china model of an artillery shell decorated with the Faversham crest, 20-30
Lot 60.Grafton crested china model of an artillery shell decorated with the Clacton-on-Sea crest, 20-30

Lot 64.Arcadian crested china model of an artillery shell decorated with the Brighton crest, 20-30
Lot 65.Shelley china model bust of Field Marshall Earl Kitchener, 50-70

Lot 79.A large 19th century Bermantoffs faience lime green glazed jardiniere, 100-150
Lot 80.A pair of 19th century KPM porcelain figures of lady and gent in 18th century costume on circular bases, 16" high, 125-140

Lot 81.A pair of 19th century porcelain vases having applied foliate decoration with seascape scenes (restored), 10" high, 40-50
Lot 82.A 19th century Staffordshire figure group of Romeo and Juliette, 25-35

Lot 83.A Copenhagen figure of a young boy on a rocking base, rolling up his trousers, 30-40
Lot 84.A pair of early 20th century Kutani chargers decorated with females in conversation within a garden scene, 14" diameter A/F 40-50

Lot 85.A set of six Derby Imari patterned coffee cans and saucers 40-60
Lot 87.A late 19th/early 20th century cold painted spelter ink well in the form of a foxes head with a ceramic liner, 30-50

Lot early 20th century Japanese Kutani vase decorated with birds and flora, 12" high, 30-40
Lot 128.A late 19th century Dresden chocolate cup and cover and one other, 40-60

Lot 131.A set of five Clarice Cliff coffee cans and saucers, 250-350
Lot 153.A large 19th century twin handled mug having a frog inside, decorated with a knight in armour and other figures, restored, 7" high, 60-80

Lot 188.A large 19th century Sampson pottery tureen having ornate Chinese style decoration with twin handles, 80-120
Lot 195.An early 20th century oriental tea pot and tea bowls in a fitted wicker carry case, 20-40

Lot 211.A late 19th/early 20th century Chinese cloisonné wall plate decorated with a three toed dragon within bands of geometric and floral designs, along with a Japanese cloisonné vase, A/F, 40-60

Lot 213.A pair of Chinese blue and white Kangxi period large serving plates, one with provincial village life scenes and the other with rare natural history wildlife decoration. Both bear symbolic mark to base surrounded by double blue circle, 27.5cm diameter - minor damages, 500-800
Lot 213

Lot 214.A Chinese Qing Dynasty hexagonal vase, decorated with pictorial panels enamelled with animals and fruit reserved on a predominantly red floral ground, with a red centred later 4 character Chien-Lung mark to base, circa 1900, 35cm long, 200-300
Lot 214

Lot 216.A Chinese 18th century large blue and white powder pot and cover decorated with a Salamander/dragon mythical creature surrounded with flames and clouds. Bears a 6 character Kangxi mark to the base, surrounded by a double blue circle, 12cm diameter, 300-500
Lot 216

Lot 224.An early 18th century blue and white Chinese Kangxi period bowl with provincial exterior scenes, interior furniture and nature/village decoration. Bears a square monogram symbol within a double blue circle, 21.5cm diameter - restoration and repairs, 250-300
Lot 224

Lot 225.A rare Chinese 19th century of a crackle celadon/terracotta formed religious sage figure, 25cm long, 200-300

Lot 226.A Chinese 19th century export teapot decorated with leisurely mandarin scenes set in outdoors garden background. Bears a Guangxu red Zhanshu Archaic mark to the base, - glazed rubs to handle, 300-500
Lot 226

Lot 227.A Chinese 18th century small blue and white globular shaped vase depicting the 100 Boys pattern. Bears a 6 character Kangxi mark to the base surrounded by an outer rim double blue circle, 200-300
Lot 227

Lot 228.A Chinese Qing Dynasty period enamelled small snuff pot tray decorated with twin ladies at leisure set in a garden background. Bears a glazed centred 4 character Chien-Lung blue mark to base, 100-200
Lot 228

Lot 229.An Imperial Chinese early 19th century blue and white plate decorated with radial and centred Erica flower with intrinsic scrolling foliage. Bears Daoguan Zhuanshu Archaic mark to the base and of the period, 19.5cm diameter, 2000-3000
Lot 229
Picture Gallery
Furniture Glassware Jewellery
Miscellaneous Pictures Rugs Silver Toys
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